Monday, June 05, 2006

A happy Friday and monday!

Haha i m a happy man! got a birthday surprise from some 25ths n 26ths =D even tho e plan was like hahahaha but i still love all e effort put in :) Thanks so much!
this looks a bit wrong but yeah haha
handover by e 25ths to e 26th welfare dept! yesh finally...
i love my presents :> :> Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

haha 2 random photos to post! hahah building up to cc we had our dry run with one of e best ever attendances by e 25ths hahaha
lol if these ppl seem nice n frenly here wait till they get u to be in push up position =P Posted by Picasa
lol a bit obvious who jumped into the picture hahahah
class photo!
erm turning into a disaster...
now really got disaster... hahahah 2s06F Posted by Picasa
hahaha thought i shd put special mention to this photo. it's taken after dance night after xin char n vizanne put an official end to their stress/high blood pressure... gelare ice cream rox! haha got wes me denise xin kang jonny charles dleow cindy eggy char vizanne n xin's classmate hahah Posted by Picasa
erm quite unglam but yeah me n ms kristine k!
me n limin =)
stupid boy matthew! hahaha he looks so kiddy, but wait till he gets started on his stunts man...
me n yacong! lol nice earings :P Posted by Picasa
ah tt's charmaine once again! her hairstyle is super xiang1 xia4 gu1 niang2!!! veh cute hahaha
ah one mass party of ppl... xin dani char vizanne nina :)
lol pai se a bit bright :P
me n yong neng! lol he's damn good dancer man... Posted by Picasa
Dance night 2006- amarante! their banner was so chio i thought it was some council campaigning banner =D tt's me, D leow, vizanne, charmaine n eggy!
me n xin! lol make up veh thick sia :P
ma n huiqing! wa so big bouquet of flowers lol
vizanne! she was so happy when she got those flowers AHEM... :) Posted by Picasa
lots of ppl want to eat new zealand ice cream too =D
haha another photo of reaping our rewards!i blew 10 bucks btw on e cedele food...
this is cedric's birthday! he is happy with his present! (look below) n yep denise lim is our dearest internal welfare IC who celebrated our birthdays!
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Good day! it's 1 june 2006 n i shall start on a series of council pictures (amidst some others of cuz) taken during the months of May and April. apologies to those who complain why some ppl have such big pictures haha when i have e time n finish uploading all my photos(hopefully not 1000 yrs) i shall reload e invest photos yah? enjoy! ie scroll upwards haha apologies to those offended by my poor com skills... BTW I M IN A GD MOOD NOW :S ;D;D;D;D

that's a lot of ppl, queueing up for cedele food! alfresco dining 2006! which saw products brought in by e 25th welfare projects comm to rj! haha welfare rox!=D
erm tt's chia xin ling choosing her foodie :P
ah how to forget e 'culprits' behind all of this! mainly me haha n of cuz charmaine xinyi n kwan! not forgetting ppl like chork n nina n cindy who chipped in =)
xinyi n charmaine in action =D Posted by Picasa