Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good day! it's 1 june 2006 n i shall start on a series of council pictures (amidst some others of cuz) taken during the months of May and April. apologies to those who complain why some ppl have such big pictures haha when i have e time n finish uploading all my photos(hopefully not 1000 yrs) i shall reload e invest photos yah? enjoy! ie scroll upwards haha apologies to those offended by my poor com skills... BTW I M IN A GD MOOD NOW :S ;D;D;D;D

that's a lot of ppl, queueing up for cedele food! alfresco dining 2006! which saw products brought in by e 25th welfare projects comm to rj! haha welfare rox!=D
erm tt's chia xin ling choosing her foodie :P
ah how to forget e 'culprits' behind all of this! mainly me haha n of cuz charmaine xinyi n kwan! not forgetting ppl like chork n nina n cindy who chipped in =)
xinyi n charmaine in action =D Posted by Picasa


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