Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This is a public apology to Li XinYi; contrary to what i said about e big red apple for teachers' day it must be noted that ms li is e other zhai person who made tt huge red apple dat was e back drop for teachers' day! well done! hahah..
on another note, it is with great concern tt she is to be reminded to rest her leg so dat she can recover fully n can dance with less pain next time! pls take care n don force too much!
tralalala it's 1239am in e morning n i m sleepy! Posted by Picasa
unfortunately when mr darren leow corrects one on issues pertaining to computer graphics, he is seldom wrong so yep this marks e shift to larger photos sizes haha in which of cuz i shall begin with my proud presentation of e 25th welfare department! (applause...) there're 18 of us in welfare, 10 guys 8 girls, prob one of e historic depts where there r more guys than girls in welfare hahaha revolution!
welfare rocks =P Posted by Picasa
Mr darren leow, e man behind e dummy's guide abt how to do a welfare duty, ahs complained that e pictures posted are too small, so this is a tribute specially for e man in charge of our big red apple for teacher's day, pirates pass for open house and e torture of our dear 26ths =P Posted by Picasa
a thank u cake from e teachers! haha thank gdness i didnt eat too much at amphi =P
ms luI!
mr just wang n me... haha u rock!
tan licia always like to wear hot stuff shirt =P Posted by Picasa
me n limin
sigh i m becoming a cameraman lol
zilin! my buddy hahaha
ah tt's our 26th prezzz mr jason! Posted by Picasa
hahaa xinyi n limin will b happy to find their photos lol

mr cool koo... talk more la..
2s06f! Posted by Picasa
see e huge pink piggy there? tt's my buddies' pressie for me! =D
tt's ms chen lol
tt's ms lim
this's ms ong plus an extra bryon haha this is becoming a teacher's entry place... Posted by Picasa
lol another product of filia hahaha... anna cai! our vice prez le pro rite :p
haha i m getting quite self indulgent ... Posted by Picasa
tt's e council camp comm hahaha not e exact group of 26th favs la :P
me n mr darren leow, maker of the dummy's guidebook to SnG loaning!
erm tt's nina coming in haha
me n parchara! haha she's damn pro at basketball... Posted by Picasa
test trial =) oh tt's my 4th sister, my dad n mum la Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

char limin me
nat on e left, hanzhang at e right!
once again, presenting to u the 25th students council welfare dept..!
me n xin =) Posted by Picasa
me n amelia!
my buddy! taking a bow..
2 dept heads looking attentive
26th council. huge Posted by Picasa
char limin me
nat on e left, hanzhang on e right!
presenting once again 25th welfare dept!
me n xin! Posted by Picasa